Vij's Frozen Foods

The Vij’s line of frozen foods is a selection of family-friendly, convenient keep-in-the-freezer meals, inspired by the dishes created in the Vij’s kitchen. Available across Canada, Vij’s frozen foods are hormone and preservative free, and are made fresh and by hand in the Vij’s production facility in Surrey, BC in small batches. They are flash frozen at the point of perfection, to maintain the freshness and flavour you expect of Vij’s foods.


British Columbia

Buy-Low Foods- Kingsgate 200-370 East Broadway, Vancouver
Buy-Low Foods - Fraser 6095 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Choices Market - Kitsilano 2627 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver
Choices Market - Yaletown 1202 Richards Street, Vancouver
Choices Market - Kerrisdale 1888 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver
Choices Market - Cambie 3493 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Choices Market - On the Drive 1045 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Donalds Market 2342 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Donalds Market 2279 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
East West Market 4169 Main Street, Vancouver
Edible Canada 1596 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Famous Foods 1595 Kingsway, Vancouver
Farm to Table 1476 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
The Gourmet Warehouse 1340 Hastings Street, Vancouver
The Heights Market 4889 Mackenzie Avenue, Vancouver
IGA - Main St 2949 Main Street, Vancouver
IGA-West Broadway 2286 West Broadway, Vancouver
IGA - Burrard St 909 Burrard Street, Vancouver
IGA - Robson St 489 Robson Street, Vancouver
IGA - W.4th 3515 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
IGA - W.41st 3535 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Jackson's Meat & Deli 2214 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Meinhardts 3002 Granville Street, Vancouver
Nesters - Yaletown 990 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Nesters - Woodwards 333 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Organic Acres Market 3603 Main Street, Vancouver
Pomme Natural Market 1722 Davie Street, Vancouver
PriceSmart Foods - King Edward 1403 East King Edward Avenue, Vancouver
Rexall Drug Store - W.Georgia 122-1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Safeway - Arbutus 109-4255 Arbutus Street, Vancouver
Safeway - Kerrisdale 650 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Safeway - W.Broadway 2733 West Broadway, Vancouver
Safeway - E.Broadway 1780 East Broadway, Vancouver
Safeway - Kingsway 3410 Kingsway, Vancouver
Safeway - Robson 1766 Robson Street, Vancouver
Safeway - South Granville 8475 Granville Street, Vancouver
Safeway - West End 1641 Davie Street, Vancouver
Save-On-Foods - Cambie 2308 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Save-On-Foods - UBC 5945 Berton Avenue (UBC), Vancouver
Sunshine Market 3135 Oak Street, Vancouver
Sunrise Market 300 Powell Street, Vancouver
SPUD, Vancouver
Stong's Market 4560 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Your Independant Grocer 1255 Davie Street, Vancouver
Le Marche St George 4393 St. Geroge Street, Vancouver
Nester - Main Street 4519 Main Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Coal Harbour 305 Bute Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Yaletown 177 Davie Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Shangri-la 1133 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Olympic Village 1688 Salt Street, Vancouver
Whole Foods - W.4th 2285 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Whole Foods - Robson 1675 Robson Street, Vancouver
Whole Foods - Cambie 510 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
The Wilder Snail 799 Keefer Street, Vancouver
Your Independent Grocer 7190 Kerr Street, Vancouver

Choices  - 16th Ave / Kitsilano 2627 West 16th Ave, Vancouver
Choices - Kerrisdale 1888 West 57th Ave, Vancouver
Choices - Cambie 3493 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Dunbar Greetings 3456 Dunbar Street, Vancouver
Edible Canada / Granville Island 
1596 Johnston Street, Vancouver
Whole Foods - 4th Ave / Kitsilano 2285 West 4th Ave, Vancouver
Whole Foods - Cambie Street 510 West 8th Ave, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Olympic Village 1688 Salt Street, Vancouver
Stong's Market 4221 Dunbar Street,  Vancouver
The Gourmet Warehouse 1340 Hastings Street, Vancouver
IGA ((39)-West 4th 3515 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Save on Foods-Dunbar 3535 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver
IGA (#23)-West Broadway 2286 West Broadway, Vancouver
Be Fresh Market/Café 2951 Bayswater (w. Broadway), Vancouver
Sunshine Market - Oak 3135 Oak Street, Vancouver
East West Market 4169 Main Street, Vancouver
Famous Foods 1595 Kingsway, Vancouver
The Heights Market - Mackenzie 4889 Mackenzie Avenue, Vancouver
Meinhardts 3002 Granville Street, Vancouver
Organic Acres Market 3603 Main Street, Vancouver
Safeway 109-4255 Arbutus Street, Vancouver
Safeway-South Granville 8475 Granville Street, Vancouver
Safeway-Kerrisdale 650 W. 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Safeway-West Broadway 2733 West Broadway, Vancouver
Save on Foods-Cambie 2308 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Save on Foods-UBC 5945 Berton Avenue, Vancouver
South China Seas-Granville Island 125-1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver

Choices - Yaletown 1202 Richards Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Coal Harbour 305 Bute Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Yaletown 177 Davie Street, Vancouver
Urban Fare - Shangri-La 1133 Alberni Street, Vancouver
IGA - Van / Robson St 489 Robson Street, Vancouver
IGA (#11)- Burrard / Robson 909 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Whole Foods - Robson Street 1675 Robson Street, Vancouver
Safeway-Davie Street 1641 Davie Street, Vancouver
Safeway-Robson Street 1766 Robson Street, Vancouver
Nesters - Yaletown 990 Seymour St, Vancouver
Nesters - Woodwards 333 Abbott Street, Vancouver
Donalds Market-Hastings Sunrise 2342 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Earth Market 1722 Davie Street, Vancouver
Your Independent Grocer 1255 Davie Street, Vancouver
The Wilder Snail Grocery 799 Keefer Street, Vancouver



Choices on the Drive 1045 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Spud (van & island) 1660 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver
Buy-Low Foods-Kingsgate 200-370 East Broadway, Vancouver
Donalds Market-Commercial Drive 2279 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Le Marche St. George 4393 St. George Street (E. 28th Ave), Vancouver
Les Amis Du Fromage-Strathcona 843 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver
Buy-Low Foods-Fraser 6095 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Nesters-Main Street 4519 Main Street, Vancouver
Save on Foods-King Edward 1403 E. King Edward Avenue, Vancouver
Safeway-Broadway & Commercial 1780 East Broadway, Vancouver
Safeway 3410 Kingsway, Vancouver
Save on Foods-Grandview 2880 Bentall Street, Vancouver
Save on Foods-Main Street 2949 Main Street, Vancouver
South China Seas-Victoria & Commercial 1502 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Sunrise Market 300 Powell Street, Vancouver

Choices - North Vancouver 801 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Edgemont Market 3230 Connaught Crescent, North Vancouver
IGA - North Vancouver 130-150 Esplanade West, North Vancouver
Loblaw's City Market 1650 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Nester's Market-Dollarton 415 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver
Nourish Market 143-1233 Lynn Valley Village, North Vancouver
Queensdale Market 3030 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver
Safeway - 27th Street 1170 East 27th Street, North Vancouver
Safeway - Mt. Seymour Road 1175 Mt. Seymour Road, North Vancouver
Save on Foods - Lynn Valley 1221-1199 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver
Save on Foods - Park & Tilford 600-333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver
Save on Foods - Pemberton Plaza 1250 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Farm To Table 1476 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Fresh St Market 1650 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
IGA (49)- West Vancouver 2491 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Thrifty Foods 120-845 Marine Drive, North Vancouver
Mitra's Bulk Food & Deli 1451 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver
Whole Foods - Park Royal 925 Main Street, West Vancouver
Loblaw's City Market - Park Royal 861-845 Park Royal North
Choices Market -Burnaby Crest 8683 10th Avenue, Burnaby
Choices Market #110-8620 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby
Save on Foods-Willingdon 4469 Kingsway, Burnaby
Nesters - SFU 9000 University High Street, Burnaby
Buy Low Foods 5901 Broadway, Burnaby
Buy Low Foods-Royal Oak 7641 Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby
Save on Foods-Cameron 3433 North Road, Burnaby
Safeway - Austin Road 9855 Austin Road, Burnaby
Safeway - Burnaby 4440 East Hastings Street, Burnaby
Safeway - Hastings 6564 East Hastings Street, Burnaby
Save on Foods - Highgate Village 200-7155 Kingsway, Burnaby
Save on Foods - Madison Centre 4399 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby
Save on Foods - Market Crossing 7501 Market Crossing, Burnaby
Whole Foods- Burnaby 4420 Lougheed Road, Burnaby
IGA - Port Moody 221 Ioco Road, Port Moody
George's Gourmet Meats 245 Newport Drive, Port Moody
Thrifty Foods 170 Brew Street, Port Moody
Buy Low Foods555 Sixth Street, Burnaby
Donalds Market 130 – 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster
Save on Foods-Sapperton 200-270 E. Columbia Street, New Westminster
Save on Foods-Columbia Square 1025 West Columbia Street, New Westminster
Safeway - McBride 800 McBride Boulevard, New Westminster
Safeway - Royal City 198-610 6th Street, New Westminster
Safeway - Carnarvon 220-800 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster
Cooper's Foods 1430 Prairie Avenue, Coquitlam
IGA 1410 Parkway Blvd, Coquitlam
Safeway - Lougheed 100-3025 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
Save on Foods - Pinetree 2991 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
Thrifty Foods 2662 Austin Avenue, Coquitlam
Your Independent Grocer 455 North Road, Coquitlam
Donald's Market- Port Coquitlam 120-2627 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam
Safeway - Port Coquitlam 1100-2850 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam
Pomme Natural Market 2755 Lougheed Highway #10, Port Coquitlam
Save-On-Foods 2385 Ottawa Street, Port Coquitlam
Bodhi Natural Market 11920 207 Street, Maple Ridge
Bruce's Country Market 23963 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
Maridian Farm Market 11980 227th Street, Maple Ridge
Safeway 300-20201 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
Save-On-Foods - West Maple Ridge 300-20395 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
Save-On-Foods - East Maple Ridge 22703 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge
Save on Foods-Dewdney 23981 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge
Thrifty Foods 11895 226th Street, Maple Ridge
IGA - Blundell 370-9100 Blundell Road, Richmond
PriceSmart Foods - Ackroyd 8200 Ackroyd Road, Richmond
Save-On-Foods - Ironwood 3000-11666 Steveston Highway, Richmond
Save-On-Foods - Terra Nova 3673 Westminster Highway, Richmond
YIG - Loblaw's City Market 12339 Steveston Highway, Richmond
Budget Foods 126-4857 Elliot Street, Ladner
Save-On-Foods - Ladner Centre 5186 48 Avenue, Ladner
Save-On-Foods - Scottsdale Centre 7015 120 Street, Delta
Safeway - Sunshine Village 6401 120 Street, Delta
Superior Fish Market 5229 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta
Meridian Farm Market 1202A 56 Street, Delta/Tsawwassen
Save on Foods - Tsawwassen 1143 56 Street, Tsawwassen
Thrifty Foods 1207 56 Street, Tsawwassen
Buy-Low Foods 1405 Johnston Road, White Rock
Save on Foods 1641 152 Street, White Rock
Nature's Fare-White Rock 15180 North Bluff Road, White Rock 
Choices Market- White Rock 3248 King George Highway, White Rock
Clancy's Meats- Southpoint 102-2990 152nd Street, Surrey
Fresh St Farms 15930 Fraser Highway, Surrey
IGA 108th Avenue 14865 108th Avenue, Surrey
Nester's Market - Fraser Heights 112-16033 108th Avenue, Surrey
Price Pro 6911 King George Boulevard, Surrey
Save on Foods - Clayton 18710 Fraser Highway, Surrey
Save on Foods 10312 King George Boulevard, Surrey
Safeway - King George 10355 King George Boulevard, Surrey
Safeway - Strawberry Hill 7450 120 Street, Surrey
Safeway 700-15355 24 Avenue, Surrey
Safeway 7165 138 Street, Surrey
Safeway 8860 152nd Street, Surrey
Save on Foods - Fleetwood 9014 152nd Street, Surrey
Save on Foods - Southpoint 3033 152nd Street, Surrey
Save-On-Foods - Newton 100 7320 King George Highway, Surrey
Save-On-Foods - Nordel Crossing 12130 Nordel Way, Surrey
Thrifty Foods 102-15745 Croydon Drive, Surrey
Your Independent Grocer18765 Fraser Highway, Surrey
Fruiticana - Cloverdale 16788 64th Avenue, Cloverdale
Save on Foods-Cloverdale Crossing 17745 64th Avenue, Cloverdale
Buy-Low Foods - Walnut Grove 1178850 Walnut Grove Drive, Langley
IGA 48th Avenue 22259 48th Avenue, Langley
IGA - Langley 20159 88th Avenue, Langley
Lee's Market 23320 Mavis Avenue, Langley
Moreno's Market and Deli 7150 200 Street, Langley
Nature's Fare - Langley 120-19880 Langley ByPass, Langley
Save on Foods 20151 Fraser Highway, Langley
Sabzi Mandi Supermarket 106-12568 72 Avenue, Surrey
IGA - 108th Ave 14865 108th Avenue, Surrey
Farm Gate Store (farm) 900 232nd Street, Fort Langley
Safeway 20871 Fraser Highway, Langley
Safeway 6153 200 Street, Langley
Save-On-Foods - Walnut Grove 8840 210 Street, Langley
Save-On-Foods - Willoughby 1-20255 64th Avenue, Langley
Your Independent Grocer 20678 Willoughby Town Center Drive, Langley
Otter Farm 3650 248th Street, Aldergrove
Safeway 27566 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove
Choices Market 3033 Immel Street, Abbotsford
Lepp Farm Market 33955 Clayburn Road, Abbotsford
Save-On-Foods - Abbotsford 2140 Sumas Way, Abbotsford
Safeway 100-32500 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford
Save on Foods - Clearbrook 300 32700 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford
Mission Vitamin Centre 33139 1st Avenue, Mission
Save on Foods - Mission 400-32555 London Avenue, Mission
Safeway - Mission 32520 Lougheed Highway, Mission
IGA - Pitt Meadows 19150 Lougheed Highway, Pitt Meadows
Creekside Market 305-2071 Lake Placid Road, Whistler
The Grocery Store 4211 Village Square, Whistler
IGA - Whistler 4330 Northlands Boulevard, Whistler
Nester - Whistler 7019 Nesters Road, Whistler
Olives Community Market 101-1200 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler
Kitchen Quickies 40437 Tantalus Road, Squamish
Nesters - Squamish 710-1200 Hunter Place SS 3, Squamish
Save on Foods - Squamish 1301 Pemberton Avenue, Squamish
Your Independent Grocer-Squamish 1900 Garibaldi Way, Squamish Pemberton Valley Supermarket 7438 Prospect Street, Pemberton
Ageless Living Market 851 Johnson Street, Victoria 
Ambrosia Fine Foods & Deli 1503 Wilmot Place, Victoria
Aubergine Specialty Foods 1308 Gladstone Avenue, Victoria
Country Grocer - Esquimalt 1153 Esquimalt Road, Victoria
Fairfield Market 1275 Oscar Street, Victoria
Fairway Market 2945 Jacklin Road, Victoria
Fairway Market 1521 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria
Fairway Market 2635 Quadra Street, Victoria
Fairway Market 3651 Shelbourne Street, Saanich
Lifestyle Markets 2950 Douglas Street, Victoria
The Local General Store 1440 Haultain Street, Victoria
The London Chef 953 Fort Street, Victoria
The Market on Millstream 2401 Millstream Road, Victoria
The Market on Yates 903 Yates Street, Victoria
Mother Nature's Market 240 Cook Street, Victoria
Mount Douglas Market 4101 Shelbourne Street, Victoria
Niagara Grocery 579 Niagara Street, Victoria
Pepper Foods 3829 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria
Planet Organic Market 3995 Quadra Street, Victoria
Red Barn Market - Sannich 5550 West Saanich Road, Victoria
Red Barn Market - Latoria Walk 611 Brookside Road, Victoria
Red Barn Market - Mattick's Farm 129-5325 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria
Red Barn Market - Oak Bay 1933 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria 
Red Barn Market - Esquimalt 1310 Esquimalt Road 
Root Cellar 1286 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria
Save on Foods - Fort & Foul Bay 1950 Foul Bay Road, Victoria
Save on Foods - Saanich 3510 Blanshard Street, Victoria
Save on Foods - Tillicum Centre 3170 Tillicum Road, Victoria
Save on Foods - University Heights 3958 Shelbourne Street, Victoria
Save on Foods - Westside Village 100-172 Wilson Street, Victoria
Spud - Vancouver Island / 956 Devonshire Road, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Admirals Walk 1495 Admirals Road, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Broadmead 100-777 Royal Oak Drive, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Central Victoria 3475 Quadra Street, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Colwood 1860 Island Highway, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Fairfield 1590 Fairfield Road, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Hillside 1580 Hillside Avenue, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - James Bay 475 Simcoe Street, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Quadra 101-3995 Quadra Street, Victoria
Thrifty Foods - Tuscany Village 1626 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria
Western Foods 772 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria
Blackberry Cove Marketplace 243 Main Street, Ucluelet
Buy Low Foods- Port Alberni 4647 Johnson Road, Port Alberni
Chemainus Health Food Store 9738 Willow Street, Chemainus
Country Grocer 1800 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo
Country Grocer - Chase Rive 82 Twelth Street, Nanaimo
Country Grocer - Cobble Hill 1400 Cowichan Bay Road, Cobble Hill Co-Op Tofino 140 First Street, Tofino
Co-Op Ucluelet 1580 Peninsula Road, Ucluelet
Discovery Foods- Oyster River 2207 Glenmore Road, Oyster River
Edible Island Market 477 6th Street, Courtenay
Fairway Market - Brentwood 7108 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay
Fairway Market - Sidney 2531 Beacon Avenue, Sidney
Healthyway Natural Foods 1121 Cedar Street, Campbell River
Hornby Island Co-op 5875 Central Road, Hornby Island
Island Natural Market 6560 Metral Drive, Nanaimo
Naked Naturals - Parksville 142 Alberni Highway, Parksville
Save On Foods - French Creek - Parksville 826 West Island Highway, Parksville
Naked Naturals - Qualicum 401-671 Fir Street, Qualicum Beach
Heaven on Earth Natural Foods 149 W 2nd Avenue, Qualicum Beach
Pacific Sands Resort 1421 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino
Save on Foods - Ladysmith #22-370 Trans Canada Highway, Ladysmith
Save on Foods - Country Club 3200 Island Highway North, Nanaimo
Save on Foods - Terminale Park 1501 Estevan Road, Nanaimo
Save-On-Foods - Woodgrove 6901 Island Highway North, Nanaimo
Save-On-Foods - Campbell River 400-1400 Dogwood Street, Campbell River
Stockham & Dawley General Store 368 Main Street, Tofino
Thrifty Foods - Campbell River 1400 Ironwood Road, Campbell River
Thrifty Foods - Central Saanich 7860 Wallace Drive, Saanichton
Thrifty Foods - Courtenay 660 England Avenue, Courtenay
Thrifty Foods - Crown Isle 123-444 Lerwick Street, Courtenay
Thrifty Foods - Duncan 1-2755 Beverly Street, Duncan
Thrifty Foods - Longwood Station 5801 Turner Road, Nanaimo
Thrifty Foods - Mill Bay 50-2720 Mill Bay Road, Mill Bay
Thrifty Foods - Nanaimo 650 South Terminal Avenue, Nanaimo
Thrifty Foods - Parksville 280 East Island Highway, Parksville
Thrifty Foods - Sidney 9810 Seventh Street, Sidney
Weinberg's Good Food 6856 Island Highway South, Fanny Bay
Western Foods 6660 Sooke Road, Sooke
Wild Poppy Bistro 541 1st Avenue, Ladysmith
Your Independant Grocer 215 Port Augusta Street, Comox
Save on Foods - Powell River 7100 Alberni Street, Powell River
Claytons Heritage Market 5755 Cowrie Street, Sechelt
IGA - Sechelt 4330 Sunshine Coast Highway, Sechelt
IGA - Gibsons 1100 Highway 101, Gibson
IGA - Madeira Park 12887 Madeira Park Road, Madeira Park
Cortes Natural Food Co-op 800 Sutil Point Road, Mansons Landing
The Ruddy Potato 966 Dorman Road, Bowen Island
Village Food Market #14 575 North Road, Gabriola
Medicine Beach Market 5827 Schooner Way RR2, Pender Island
Southridge Farms 3327 Port Washington Road, Pender Island
Country Grocer 374 Lower Ganges Road, Saltspring Island
Saltspring Natureworks 116 Lower Ganges Road, Saltspring Island
Thrifty Foods 114 Purvis Lane, Saltspring Island
Wishbone Specialty Foods & Gifts 1-480 North Road, Gabriola
Abaco Health 3818 Gordon Drive, Kelowna
The Bench Market 368 Vancouver Avenue, Penticton
Choices Market - Kelowna 1937 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna
IGA - Peachland 5500 Clements Crescent - Peachland
IGA - Penticton 1160 Government Street, Penticton
IGA - Okanagan Falls 5350 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls
IGA - Summerland 7519 Prairie Valley Road, Summerland
IGA - Rutland 590 Highway 33, Kelowna
Naramata General Store 225 Robinson Avenue, Naramata
Nature's Fare - Kamloops 5-1350 Summit Drive, Kamloops
Nature's Fare - Orchard Plaza 120-1876 Cooper Road, Kelowna
Nature's Fare - Vernon 104-3400 30th Avenue, Vernon
Nature's Fare - West kelowna 104-3480 Carrington Road, Westbank
Nester's Market- Airport 1750 Pier Mac Way, Kelowna
Nester's Market 13604 Victoria Road N, Summerland
Save on Foods - Westbank 1-2475 Dobbin Road, Westbank
Save on Foods - Orchard Plaza 101-1876 Cooper Road, Westbank
Save-On-Foods - Sahali 100-1210 Summit Drive, Kamloops
Save-On-Foods - Lakeshore Centre 3175 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna
Save-On-Foods -Penticton 2111 Main Street, Penticton
Save on Foods - Village Green 4900 27th Street, Vernon
Sunshine Market - Kelowna 105-4600 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna
Urban Fare - Kelowna 3155 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna
Whole Foods Market - Penticton 103-1770 Main Street, Penticton
Your Independent Grocer 49-700 Tranquille Road, Kamloops
Your Independent Grocer 1835 Gordon Drive, Kelowna


Save on Foods - 100 Mile House 1 95A Cariboo Highway 97, 100 Mile House
Save on Foods 46020 Yale Road, Chilliwack
Save on Foods - Chilliwack 31-6014 Vedder Road, Chilliwack
Safeway 45850 Yale Road, Chilliwack
Safeway 45610 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack
Buy-Low Foods - Clearwater 74 Young Road, Clearwater
Save on Foods - Cranbrook 505 Victoria Avenue N, Cranbrook
Evergreen Natural Foods 1290 Highway 6 - Crescent Valley
Dawson Creek Health Food Centre 103-833 102 Avenue, Dawson Creek
Buy-Low Foods - Grand Forks 7320 4th Street, Grand Forks
AG Valley Foods 906 7th Avenue, Invermere
Buy Low Foods-Lillooet 155 Main Street, Lillooet
Buy Low Foods-Oliver 105-5717 Main Street, Oliver
Buy Low Foods-Osoyoos 3-9129 Main Street, Osoyoos
Ave Maria 1638 20th Avenue, Prince George
Save on Foods - Spruceland 555 Central Street, Prince George
Save-On-Foods - College Heights 5232 Domano Boulevard, Prince George
Save-On-Foods - Downtown 100-1600 15th Avenue, Prince George
Save-On-Foods - Nelson 1200 Lakeside Drive, Nelson
Kootenay Country Co-op 295 Baker Street, Nelson
Down to Earth Health Shop 5003 51st Avenue West, Fort Nelson
Save on Foods 10345 100th Street, Fort St John
Save on Foods - Terrace 4731 Lakelse Avenue, Terrace
Dynamic Health Service 12-4736 Lakelse Avenue, Terrace
Ferraro Foods - Rossland 2029 Columbia Avenue, Rossland
Ferraro Foods - Trail 850 Farwell Street, Trail
Hagensborg Mercantile 1801 Highway 20, Bella Coola
Liberty AG Foods 1950 Main Street, Fruitvale
Askew's 2701-11th Avenue NE, Salmon Arm
Save-On-Foods - Salmon Arm 1151-10th Avenue, Salmon Arm
Shuswap Health Foods 120-8th Avenue SW, Salmon Arm
Kalso Front Street Market 411 Front Street, Kalso
Slocan Valley Co-op 3024 Highway 6, Slocan Park
Crow's Nest Café 35770 Highway 16
Kitimat Organic Food Group Kitimat
Save on Foods - Williams Lake 730 Oliver Street, Williams Lake
Your Independent Grocer- Vanderhoof 2110 Ryley Avenue, Vanderhoof


Amaranth Whole Foods Market 7 Arbour Lake Drive NW, Calgary, AB
Amaranth Whole Foods Market 1407 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB
Bite Groceteria 1023 9th Avenue SE, Calgary
Bridgeland Market 1104 1st Avenue NE, Calgary
Community Natural 1304, 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
Cookbook Company 722 11th Avenue SW, Calgary AB
Luke's Drug Mart 112 4 Street NE, Calgary AB
Market 17 2505 17 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
Planet Organic- Calgary South 10233 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, AB
Planet Organic- Royal Oak 6112-8650 112 Avenue NW, Calgary AB
Planet Organic-Shepard Centre 100-4916 130th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB
Planet Organic Market-Shaganappi 110-4625 Varsity Drive NW, Calgary
Real Canadian Superstore 100 Country Village Road NE, Calgary
Sunnyside Market 338 10 Street NW #10, Calgary
Vegetarian options only in Alberta
Planet Organic Market-Jasper Ave 12120 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton
Planet Organic Market-Edmonton South 7917 104th Street, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - 9th & Jasper 10180-109 Street, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Calgary Trail 3361 Calgary Trail Southbound, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Ellerslie 11180 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Hampton 6260-199 Street NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Londonderry 1101-1 Londonderry Mall NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Magrath 14161-23 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Mayfield 360 Mayfield Common NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Nameo 9510 160 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Oxford 12903 153 Avenue NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Strathcona 10368 78th Avenue NW, Edmonton
Save-On-Foods - Summerside 1120-91 Street SW, Edmonton
Vegetarian options only in Alberta
AG Foods 2405 20th Street, Didsbury
Save-On-Foods - Grande Prairie 10819 106th Avenue, Grande Prairie
London Road Market 538 13 Street South, Lethbridge
Save-On-Foods - West Lethbridge 401 Highlands Boulevard, Lethbridge
Nesters Market 122 Bear Street, Banff
Nutter's 900 Railway Avenue, Canmore
Nutters 622 Patricia Street, Jasper
Robinsons Foods 218 Connaught Drive, Jasper
Save-on-Foods - Lethbridge 1112 2nd Avenue A North, Lethbridge
Save-On-Foods - Red Deer North 6720 52 Avenue, Red Deer
Save-On-Foods - Baseline 60 Broadway Boulevard, Sherwood Park
Save-On-Foods - Summerwood 10-4005 Clover Bar Road, Sherwood Park
Save-On-Foods - Wye Road 81 Fir Street, Sherwood Park
Save-On-Foods - Village Landing 140 St Albert Trail, St Albert
Urban Organics Market 130-1020 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park
Your Independent Grocer-Devon 16 Superior Street, Devon AB
Your Independent Grocer-Fort McMurray 251 Powder Drive, Fort McMurray AB
Vegetarian options only in Alberta


Dad's Organic Market 1820 8th Street East, Saskatoon
Nutter's 4 202 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon
Your Independent Grocer Saskatoon 2815 Wanuskewin Road, Saskatoon
Choice Family Meats 320 Great Plains Road, Emerald Park
Body Fuel Organics 1307A Ottawa Street, Regina
Vegetarian options only in Saskatchewan


Nutrition Plus 2093 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg
Lorenzo's Specialty Foods 1060 St Mary's Road, St Vital
Vitahealth- Garden City 20-2188 McPhillips Street, Winnepeg
Vitahealth- Kildonan Crossing 710-1615 Regent Avenue W, Winnepeg
Vitahealth- Osborne Village 1-166 Osborne Street, Winnepeg
Vegetarian options only in Manitoba


Porter Creek Super A Foods 1406 Centennial Street, Whitehorse
Riverside Grocery 201 Lowe Street, Whitehorse
Your Independent Grocer #5-303 Ogilvie Street, Whitehorse
Vegetarian options only in Yukon

Northwest Territories

Luluz Market 480 Range Lake road, Yellowknife
Your Independent Grocer-Yellowknife 250 Old Airport Road, Yellowknife



All the Best Fine Foods 1101 Yonge Street, Toronto

Allan's YIG 1900 Dixie Road, Pickering

Ambrosia Natural Foods  57 Northview Blvd, Vaughan

Annick's Gluten 2351 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Applewood Village- #0028 1125 North Service Rd. Mississauga

Aurora 650 Wellington St East, Aurora

Bathurst 9306 Bathurst St., Vaughan

Bamboo Natural Food 211 Martindale Road, St. Catharines

Bamboo Natural Food Huntington Square Plaza, St. Catharines

Bayview 7355 Bayview Avenue, Thornhill

Bloor St. Market 55 Bloor St, W. Toronto

Bloor (HBC) 100 Bloor Street East, Toronto

Boxgrove -  #0017 98 Copper Creek Drive, Markham

Brampton - #0007 7700 Hurontario Street, Brampton

Brookfield 181 Bay St., Toronto

Bruno's valu-mart 83 Underhill, Don Mills

Burloak - #0016 3455 Wyecroft RD, Oakville

The Butcher's Butcher 2636 Yonge Street, Toronto

The Butcher's Butcher 2055 Yonge Street, Toronto

Cabbagetown Organics 499 Parliament Street, Toronto

Concord Food Centre 1438 Centre Street, Thornhill

Coppa's Fresh Market 4750 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Coppa's Fresh Market 3300 Rutherford Road, Vaughan

David's Gourmet 25 Bruce St, Kitchener

Davis' YIG 20 Jocelyn Road, Port Hope

Elizabeth 111 Elizabeth Street, Toronto

Essence of Life Natural Foods 50 Kensington Avenue, Toronto

Evergreen Natural Foods 161 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

Evergreen Natural Foods 513 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Grants YIG 832 Tenth Street, Hanover

Fairview 1225 Fairview Street, Burlington

Fortino's 60 Quarry Edge Drive, Brampton

Fortino's 35 Worthington Avenue, Brampton

Fortino's 55 Mountainash Road, Brampton

Fortino's 173 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville

Fortino's 700 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto

Fortino's 330 Queens Plate Drive, Toronto

Fortino's 3940 Highway 7, Vaughan

Fortino's 2911 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan

Fortino's 8585 Highway 27, Woodbridge

Fiesta Farms 200 Christie Street, Toronto

Food Plus Market 272 Dupont Street, Toronto

Fresh n Wild Market 69 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Galati Market Fresh 5845 Leslie St, Toronto

Glen Erin - #0008 5636 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga

Goodbye Gluten 2066 Avenue Road, Toronto

Goodness Me 720 Bristol Road, Mississauga

Goodness Me 668 Erb St., Waterloo

Healthy Planet 568 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Healthy Planet 8 Lebovic Ave, Toronto

Healthy Planet 1425 Dundas St. E. Toronto

Healthy Planet 5 Bastion St, Toronto

Healthy Planet 78 Marine Parade Dr, Toronto

Healthy Planet 1000 Islington Ave, Toronto

The Healthy Butcher 565 Queen Street West, East York, Toronto

The Healthy Butcher 298 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

Howard the Butcher 4-15980 Airport Road, Caledon East, Toronto

Imperial Palace 111 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto

The Kitchen Table 389 Spadina Road, Toronto

The Kitchen Table 12 Queens Quay West, Toronto

Tetreault's valu-mart 345 Notre Dame St., Belle River

Kaufman's valu-mart 1200 Yonge Street PO Box 567, Walkerton

Knish Deli 1102 Centre Street, Thornhill

King (FCP) 100 King Street West, Toronto          

Leaside - #0026 93 Laird Drive, Toronto

Loblaws 50 Musgrave Street, Toronto

Loblaws 11 Redway Road, Toronto

Loblaws 5010 Glen Erin Drive, Missisauga

Longo's 98 Copper Creek Dr, Markham

Longo's 3455 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville

Longo's 93 Laird Dr, Toronto

Longo's 1125 North Service Rd, Mississauga

Longo's 7700 Hurontario St, Brampton

Longo's 5636 Glen Erin Drive, Missisauga

LSL Queen & Portland 585 Queen Street West, Toronto

LSL Glen Erin Market 5010 Glen Erin Drive, Mississauga

LSL Richmond Hill 301 High Tec Road, Richmond Hill

LSL Mccowan Market Markham 200 Bullock Drive, Markham    

LSL Pickering Market 1792 Liverpool Road, Pickering

LSL Leslie & Lakeshore 17 Leslie Street, Toronto

LSL Maple Leaf Gardens 60 Carlton Street, Toronto

LSL Bowmanville Market 2375 Highway #2, Bowmanville

LSL Port Credit 250 Lakeshore Road West, Port Credit

LSL Bayview Village 2877 Bayview Village, TORONTO

LSL Collingwood Market 12 Hurontario Street, Collingwood

LSL Yonge & Bernard 10909 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

LSL Victoria Park Market 50 Musgrave Street, Toronto

LSL Dupont & Christie 650 Dupont Street, Toronto

LSL Queens Quay Market 10 Lower Jarvis Street, Toronto

LSL Collingwood Market 12 Hurontario Street, Collingwood

LSL Millwood & Laird 11 Redway Road, TORONTO

LSL Dundas & Bloor 2280 Dundas Street West, Toronto

LSL Bayview & Moore 301 Moore Avenue, Toronto

LSL Burnhamthorpe Market 380 The East Mall, Etobicoke

LSL Humbercrest Market 3671 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke

LSL Humbertown 270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke

LSL Empress Market 5095 Yonge Street, NORTH YORK

LSL Yonge & Yonge 3501 Yonge Street, North York

LSL Broadview 720 Broadview Avenue, Toronto

LSL Heartland Market 5970 Mclaughlin Road, Mississauga

LSL Forest Hill Market 396 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

McDowell's vm 1500 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Marcheleo's 203-181 Eglington Avenue East, Toronto

Maple 2810 Major MacKenzie Drive, Maple

Maple Leaf Square 15 York Street, Toronto

Markham 3085 Highway No. 7, Markham

Milton 1079 Maple Ave, Milton

McEwan 38 Karl Fraser Road, Toronto

Meat on the Beach 1860 Queen Street East, Toronto

Metro 656 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto

Mt. Pleasant- #0030 65 Dufay Rd. Brampton

Natural Life Health Market 7700 Bathurst Street, Thornhill

Neil's YIG 5200 Highway 69 N, Hanmer

Southeast Oakville #0027469 Cornwall Road, Oakville

Oakville - #0002 338 Dundas Street East, Oakville

Planet Organic 170 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga

Ponytrail 1891 Rathburn Rd.E., Mississauga

Pusateri's 1539 Avenue Road, Toronto

Pusateri's 2901 Bayview Avenue (Bayview Village), Toronto

Rowland's YIG 1244 Goderich St., Port Elgin

Richmond Hill 10860 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill

Rutherford 5283 Rutherford Road, Unit #1, Woodbridge

Real Canadian Superstore 3050 Argentia Road, Mississauga

Tremblett's YIG 273 King Street West, Ingersoll

Summerhill Market 446 Summerhill Avenue, Toronto

Vert Living Natural Market 3087 Winston Churchill Blvd. Mississauga

Valu-mart On Bayview 3259 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Walkers 2900 Walkers Line, Burlington

Well, Well, Well 318 Ontario Street, St. Catharines

Weston 9200 Weston Road, Woodbridge

Whole Foods 87 Avenue Road, Yorkville, Toronto

Whole Foods 4771 Yonge Street, Toronto

Whole Foods 155 Square One Drive, Mississauga

Whole Foods 301 Cornwall Road, Oakville

Whole Foods 3997 Highway #7, Unionville, Markham

Wilkinson's YIG 227 Main Street, Delhi

Winston 3163 Winston Churchill Blvd., Mississauga

The Wholesome Market 2234 Queen Street East, Toronto

Yam Chops 705 College Street, Toronto

York Mills 808 York Mills Road, Toronto

Zehrs Bradford 500 Holland St., West Bradford





Vegetarian options only in Ontario

Ambrosia Natural Foods 16925 Yonge Street, Newmarket

Bonobo's Fine Foods 493A Oliver Road, Thunder Bay

Costas Food Market 11-C Simcoe Plaza, Terrace Bay

Country Produce 310 Westmount Drive North, Orillia

Country Produce 499 Parliament Street, Orillia

Cowan's Country Store 308 Main Street East, Listowel

Dailey's YIG 654 Algonquin Blvd East, Timmins

Dumas' YIG 82 Lorne Street, Sudbury

Del Zotto & Son Butcher 117 Young Street, Alliston

Dailey's YIG 654 Algonquin Blvd East, Timmins

Edward Street Market 14785 Yonge Street, Aurora

Fisher's YIG B30 Beaver Avenue, Beaverton

Goodness Me 79 Park Place Blvd. Barrie

Jonsson's YIG Kemptville Mall Hwy. 43 W., Kemptville

Larabie's YIG 55 Brunetville Road, Kapuskasing

Loblaws Bayfield 472 Bayfield Street, Barrie

Nature's Emporium 16655 Yonge Street, Newmarket

Nature's Emporium 2535 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Maple

Nutrition Plus 42 Maple Avenue, Barrie

O'Reilly's YIG 150 Prescott Centre Drive, Prescott

Pettenuzzo's YIG 15 McChesney Avenue, Kirkland Lake

Real Canadian Superstore 15900 Bayview Avenue, Aurora

Real Canadian Superstore 626 Victoria Street, Strathroy

Vrab's YIG 1836 Regent Street South, Sudbury

Vince's Market 829 Mulock Drive, Newmarket

Vince's Market 19101 Leslie Street, Sharon

Vince's Market 234 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge

Winkel's YIG 745 Centre Street, Espanola

Zehrs Essa Road 11 Bryne Drive, Barrie

Zehrs Cundles 201 Cundles Rd East, Barrie

Zehrs Big Bay Point 620 Yonge Street, Barrie



Vegetarian options only in Ontario

Andress' YIG 25 Ferrara Drive, Smiths Falls

Barnabe's YIG 80 Dufferin Street, Perth

Baxtrom's YIG 31 Ninth Street East, Cornwall

Bennett's valu-mart 235 Gore Road, Kingston

Brett's valu-mart 125 Stewart Boulevard, Brockville

Browns YIG 1251 Main Street, Stittsville

Bissonnette's YIG 596 Montreal Road, Ottawa

Chartrand's YIG 420 Main Street South, Alexandria

Choko-Mocko Unit 2 - 71 Station Street, Ajax

Chartrand's YIG 55 Scott Street, New Liskeard

Grace in the Kitchen 442 Hazeldean Road, Ottawa

Dessureault YIG 1619 Orleans Avenue, Gloucester

Embrun YIG 753 Notre Dame Street, Embru

Feel Good Natural 317 Brock Street South, Whitby

Feel Good Natural 317 Brock Street South, Whitby

Feel Good Natural 129 King Street East, Oshawa

Grenon's YIG 2737 Laurier Street, Rockland

Hartmans YIG 296 Bank St., OTTAWA

King's YIG 5911 Perth St., Richmond

LSL Vanier Market 100 McArthur Road, Ottawa

LSL Barrhaven 3201 Greenbank Road, Ottawa

LSL College Square Market 1980 Baseline Road, Ottawa

LSL Gloucester (New) 1980 Ogilvie Rd., Ottawa

LSL Merivale 1460 Merivale Road, Ottawa

LSL Isabella 64 Isabella Street, Ottawa

LSL Kanata 200 Earl Grey Drive, Ottawa

LSL Princess Market 1100 Princess Street, Kingston

LSL Carlingwood 2085 Carling Avenue, Ottawa

LSL Rideau & Nelson 363 Rideau Street, Ottawa

LSL Cataraqui Market Kingston 1048 Midland Avenue, Kingston

LSL South Keys 2210C Bank Street, OTTAWA

LSL Elmvale 1910 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa

LSL Nepean Robertson 2065A Robertson Road, Nepean

LSL Lindsay 400 Kent Street West, Lindsay

Laurin YIG 1560 Cameron Street, Hawkesbury

McDonough's YIG 2241 Riverside Drive, Ottawa

Moncion's YIG 685 River Road, Ottawa

Morello's YIG 400 Lansdowne Street East, Peterborough

Mitchell's YIG 455 McNeely Avenue, CARLETON PLACE

McDaniel's YIG 200 Grant Carman, Nepean

New Global Vitamins 25 Beckwith Street North, Smith Falls

Patrice’s YIG 401 Ottawa Street, Almonte

Parent's valu-mart 512 St. Phillippe Street, Alfred

Robinson's YIG 1160 Beaverwood Road P.O. Box 517, Manotick

Rocheleau YIG 1521 Highway 11 West, Hearst

Rainbow Foods 1487 Richmond Road (Britannia Plaza), Ottawa

Real Canadian Superstore 1792 Liverpool Road, Pickering

Real Canadian Superstore 30 Kingston Road West, Ajax 

Rome's YIG 44 Great Northern Road, Sault Ste. Marie

Ross' YIG 3777 Strandherd Drive, Nepean

Seber Healthy Living 512 Hickory Street, Whitby

Terry's YIG 290 First Street North, Gravenhurst

Tianos Organics 375 Kingston Road, Pickering

Whole Foods 951 Bank Street, Ottawa

Wilson's YIG  2681 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa






vegetarian options only in Ontario

Belfiore's valu-mart 385 Frederick Street, KITCHEN

Battistelli's YIG 65 Regional Road #24 , Lively

Bowles' valu-mart bridgenorth Plaza 871 Ward St., Bridgenorth

Bob's valu-mart 75 King Street, Waterloo

Commisso's Fresh Foods 6161 Thorold Stone Road , Niagara Falls

Dewe's YIG 400 Dundas Street E, Belleville

Eating Well 104 King Street South, Waterloo

Fortino's 54 Wilson Street West, Ancaster

Fortino's 5111 New Street, Burlington

Fortino's 1059 Plains Road East, Burlington

Fortino's 2025 Guelph Line, Burlington

Fortino's 2515 Appleby Line, Burlington

Fortino's 50 Dundurn Street South, Hamilton

Fortino's 75 Centennial Parkway North, Hamilton

Fortino's 65 Mall Road, Hamilton

Fortino's 1579 Main Street West, Hamilton

Fortino's 1550 Upper James Street, Hamilton

Fortino's Fiesta Mall Highway #8, Stoney Creek

Fortino's 21 Upper Centenniel Parkway South, Stoney Creek

Fortino's 115 Hamilton Street North, Waterdown

Fleury's valu-mart 75 Deep River Road, Deep River

Heidi's YIG 4136 Petrolia Street, Petrolia

Goodness Me 2300 Fairview Street, Burlington

Goodness Me 74 Hamilton Street North, Waterdown

Goodness Me 1000 Upper Gage Avenue, Hamilton

Goodness Me 176 Locke Street South, Hamilton

Goodness Me 605 West Street, Brantford

Gagnon's YIG 270 Wellington Street, Bracebridge

Mrs. Greens Natural Market 2180 Itabashi Way, Burlington

Maurice's valu-mart 277 King Street, Midland

McDonalds YIG 780 Queen Street East PO Box 220, St Mary's

The Horn of Plenty 24 King Street West, Dundas

Parent's valu-mart 512 St. Phillippe Street, Alfred


Real Canadian Superstore 626 Victoria Street, Strathroy

Robinson's YIG 131 Howland Drive, Huntsville

Sante Natural Goods 175 Geddes Street, Elora

Smylie's YIG 293 Dundas St E, Trenton

Sweet Greens 37 Main Street North, Hagersville

Todd's YIG 5121 Country Road #21, Haliburton

Vos' YIG 1893 Scugog Street, Port Perry

Zehrs Beechwood 450 Erb St. West, Waterloo

Zehrs Glenridge 315 Lincoln Road, Waterloo

Zehrs Fairview 410 Fairview Drive, Brantford

Zehrs King George 290 King George Rd Nth/Hiway24, Brantford

Zehrs Laurentian 750 Ottawa St South, Kitchener

Zehrs Pioneer Park 123 Pioneer Park, Kitchener

Zehrs Hiway Centre 1375 Weber St. East, Kitchener

Zehrs Stanley Park 1005 Ottawa Street, Kitchener

Zehrs Conestoga 555 Davenport Road, Waterloo

Zehrs Malden Road 5890 Malden Road, Windsor

Zehrs Parkway Mall 7201 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor

Zehrs Alliston 30 King Street South, Alliston 

Zehrs St Clair Beach 400 Manning Road, Windsor

Zehrs Pen Centre 221 Glendale Ave (At Hwy 406), St. Catharines 

Zehrs Geneva Street Fairview Mall 285 St., St Catharines

Zehrs Niagara 6940 Morrison Street, Niagara Falls

Zehrs Cambridge Cntr 400 Conestoga Blvd., Cambridge

Zehrs Hespeler 180 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge

Zehrs - South Cambridge 200 Frankliin Blvd, Cambridge

Zehrs Caledonia 322 Argyle Street South, Caledonia

Zehrs Keswick 24018 Woodbine Ave Rr # 2, Keswick

Zehrs Goderich 35400D Huron Road, Goderich

Zehrs Listowel 600 Mitchell Rd Hwy 23 South, Listowel

Zehrs Welland 821 Niagara St. North, Welland

Zehrs Uxbridge 323 Toronto St.S, Uxbridge

Zehrs Orangeville Heritage Mall 50 - 4th Ave, Orangeville

Zehrs Bolton 487 Queen St. S, Bolton

Zehrs Owen Sound 1150 16th Street East, Owen Sound

Zehrs Tillsonburg 400 Simcoe Street, Tillsonburg

Zehrs Kingsville 300 Main St. E, Kingsville





Vegetarian options only in Ontario

Cowan's Country Store 126 Main Street West, Listowel

Chartrand's YIG 4764-17 Regional Road 15, Chelmsford

Goodness Me 36 Wellington Street West, Guelph

John's valu-mart 179 Wortley Rd, London

LSL Wonderland Market 3040 Wonderland Road South, London

LSL Fanshawe Market 1740 Richmond Street North, London

Marmora valu-mart 42 Matthew Street P.O. Box 457, Marmora

MacMillan's 6834 Highway 7 West, Acton

The Meatless Market 4 1350 Fanshawe Park Road West, London

Oxford Street valu-mart 234 Oxford Street, London

Stone Store Natural Foods 14 Commercial Street, Guelph

Zehrs Clairfiled 124 Clair Rd. E., Guelph

Zehrs Eramosa 297 Eramosa Road, Guelph

Zehrs Hartsland 160 Kortright Road West, Guelph

Zehrs Imperial 1045 Paisely Road, Guelph

Zehrs Fergus 800 Tower Street South, Fergus

Zehrs Stratford 865 Ontario Street, Stratford

Zehrs Woodstock 969 Dundas Street, Woodstock

Zehrs Orillia 289 Coldwater Road, Orillia


vegetarian options only in Ontario


Loblaws 50 Ave Mont Royal Quest, Montreal
Loblaws 6600 Saint Jacques Street, Montreal
Loblaws 7600 Rue Sherbrooke East, Montreal
Loblaws 2925 Rue Rachel East, Montreal
Loblaws 2925 Est Rue Sherbrooke, Montreal
Loblaws 16900 TRE Transcanada, Kirkland
Loblaws 4849 Boul Saint-Jean, Pierrefonds
Loblaws 8130 Boul Champlain, Lasalle
Maxi & Co 4325 Jean Talon Est, Montreal
Sante Ecoloco 2155 Mackay, Montreal
Coop Essentielle 532 De La Madone, Mont-Laurier
Loblaws 1402 Rue Roberval, Saint Bruno
Loblaws 50 Avenue Saint-Denis, Saint Sauveur
Avril Supermarche 8600 Boul Leduc, Brossard
Avril Supermarche Sante 11 Rue Evangeline, Granby
Avril Supermarche Sante 1185 Ch Du Tremblay, Longueuil
La Boite a Sante, 303 Rue Lindsay, Drummondville
La Moisson 360 Sicard Street, Sainte-Therese
Loblaws 1575 Avenue Panama, Brossard
Loblaws 1950 Boul De La Concorde, Laval
Loblaws 1150 King George, Longueuil
Loblaws 60 Boul Carignan, Victoriaville
Loblaws 31 Boul Georges-Gagne, Delson
Loblaws 1 Boul Du Plateau, Gatineau
Loblaws 1350 Rue Sherbrooke, Magog
Loblaws 1100 Boul De La Chaudiere, Cap Rouge


Nova Scotia

Pete's Frootique 1515 Dresden Row, Halifax
Dresden Row Specialty Food, 1515 Desden Row, Halifax

vegetarian options only in Nova Scotia 

Pete's Wolfville 360 Main Street Suite #1, Wolfville
Pete's Frootique 122-1595 Bedford Highway, Bedford